challenging surburbia

Our house was built at the end of the road, neighbouring a beautiful bungalow sitting on a three acre lot.

My bedroom window overlooked a beautiful ravine, and a lush green canopy that consisted of apples and pears. On the occasional spring day, i would find a hawk lurking the ground, flying in circles above.

The developer promised that the bunglow would remain, making us the last house on the block. but shortly after, we find ourselves an empty field with nothing but pipes and tools.

Once upon a time, in this suburban space, I had the chance to overlook a beautiful ravine with a lush green canopy by my bedroom window that consisted of apples and pears. but now, i can no longer find the hawk who flew in circles above. 

integrating urban elements in suburban spaces by adding elements of community engagement in smaller suburban communities - but also containing sustainable features.

the ultimate goal of this conceptual diagram is to demonstrate how creative use of spaces can promote a sense of community, even in an enclosed suburban subdivision.

There are many negative connotations in relation to suburban landscapes, but by utilizing ‘urban’ design as a tool for future community hubs in suburban spaces, we can potentially aim for a less individualistic environment.

in this concept, the gazebo was created as a space for the community members to use an appreciate the natural landscape of the ravine.

How can planners influence policies for future development to accommodate engagement through creative fixtures?

What questions should we be asking to implement these changes?